Ingredients :

Barley, Browntop millet, Finger millet, Foxtail millet, Garlic, Green gram, Horse gram, Sprouted Fenugreek, Jowar, Little millet, Oats, Pearl millet, Pumpkin seed, Red Aval, Sabja seed, Amla, Guggul, Purple Nut Sedge, Sarasaparilla, Sandalwood, Shatavari, Beheda & Sweet flag.


1. Replace your Breakfast with SlimOvita-B. The perfect nutrition for early morning hunger
2. Helps you stay fit and balances your weight
3. Prevents health issues related to sudden loss of weight

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Being a fleshy is not a curse, bring it to slimmy through SLIMOVITA.

Obesity is a global problem and it may be seen in any age but adults are more affected.

Food habits, lack of proper exercise etc. are major causes for fatty body.

Today it may be controlled by dietary supplements and SLIMOVITA is one of the best choice.

Millets, Lentils, Cereals, etc., maintains general health, also reduce the weight.

Apart from providing required nutrition, it makes a feeling of stomach full and prevents to consume excess food.

Botanicals – having cholesterol lowering efficacy,

SLIMOVITA may be used as supplement to obesity patients, it provides diet and promotes nourishment.

SLIM’O’VITA supports in providing relief in fatty people by reducing weight.

It balances the weight between obesity or a lean physique.

We introduce two brands SLIMOVITA B and SLIMOVITA D for slimming purpose.

SLIMOVITA B is for taking at Breakfast because it contains more calories and SLIMOVITA D is for evening consumption. Since we require calories according to our physical activity during day or night, we brought two varieties for maintaining balancing the calories during day and night.