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Our Products

A focus on health

Our Difference

Discover what makes us different to other natural healthcare products.


Quality & Consistency

Uncompromising quality and consistent standard in every product, every time.


Clinically Researched

Clinical due diligence and stringent procedures will form the basis of manufacturing.


Plant Based Enriched with Ayurveda

Ayurveda and plant based nutrition based on our core value creation of ‘sustainable health’.


Expertise & Passion

Bring a holistic change in society towards personal health and wellness.


Here is what some customers have said about our products.

For the past 7 years, I have been taking 2 insulin injections each day to try and control my diabetes which was very high. Around 3 months ago, my relative suggested that I should try Holin DiabOvita, which he recommended for managing Diabetes and reducing my dependency on insulin injections. As DiabOvita was based on Ayurvedic principles with natural ingredients, I decided to try it out. Within 3 months, I am already seeing a good reduction in my diabetes and I am feeling more energetic with reduced craving for food

testi T. N. Krishnan – Chennai DiabOvita

Post recovery from Covid, I had a regular problem of significant tiredness during late evenings. I tried various nourishment powders from MNC Companies that were advertised as helping build strength and energy. However, despite consuming these for more than 3 months, I felt no change in my condition. I was then suggested to try Energ’O’vita, which is completely natural and infused with Ayurvedic herbs. I have been regularly drinking Energ’O’vita for more than 4 months now and I can say with full confidence that it has brought about a miracle change in my energy and nutrition levels. I have not only regained by strength but also my confidence. I have recommended it to my friends and relatives and would specifically recommend all those who have recovered from Covid to start with Energ’O’vita at the earliest.

Mahesh Kalyanpur – Bengaluru Energ’O’vita

Each month, the time before the onset of my monthly periods used to be traumatic. Weakness combined with extreme pain with a feeling of nausea accompanied each period. I used to consume pain killers whenever the situation became unbearable. I was then introduced to FemOvita by a friend who asked me to check this new product based on natural ingredients. I am having FemOvita for the past 2 months and I have started feeling the benefits of FemOvita. I think if I continue with this amazing product, my fear of periods will vanish over the next 3-4 months. I recommend FemOvita for all ladies who are going through this trauma silently.

testi Ms Aparna Ravikumar – Bangalore FemOvita

Diabetes has been my biggest worry for the past many years. I used to be a great foodie and would eat sweets without any apprehensions whatsoever. All this changed 9 years back when I was diagnosed with Diabetes. My doctor put a full stop to all the various food that I really loved to consume. My family was very worried about my health and ensured I did not cheat them at any time. Diabetes controlling medicines became my regular companion and I lost weight and with it my energy levels. 6 months back, one of my family friends recommended Diab’O’vita to me as a supplement that is excellent for Diabetes. I was ready to try anything that will help me recover my strength. My Diabetes is now fully within control and my doctor has stopped other medicines as well. I would strongly recommend Diab’O’vita to all Diabetes patients.

testi Sandeep Karkhanis – Nashik Diab’O’vita

My daughter was always a poor eater and looked frail and weak. All the medical reports showed her nutrition levels to be on the lower side and this had an impact on her concentration levels and consequently on her studies. Despite trying many different nutrition drinks, I did not see any change in her health and was feeling very depressed. One of my friends recommended me to try Kids’O’vita, which according to her was completely natural and supported by Ayurvedic herbs. I decided to try this product as well due to my desperation to see a change in my daughter’s health. After regularly giving her Kids’O’vita as a health drink for nearly 6 months now, I must confirm her health has shown a significant improvement. This is reflecting in her energy levels and confidence. I am not a worried mother anymore. Thank you Holin for such a wonderful product. I gladly recommend this to all mothers who care for the health of their child

testi Aruna Srikanth – Hyderbad Kids’O’vita

I am a great fan of Fem’O’vita and have been consuming it for more than 9 months now. This wonder product has brought about a sea change in my confidence level as I am not worried about my monthly periods any more. All the pain has vanished and I can able to plan my travel or social visits without worrying about these 3-4 dreadful days of periods any more. To all the young girls and ladies who are silently suffering from the period pains, please start with Fem’O’vita at the earliest. You will see a big change in your confidence as well.

testi Sushma Sharma – Ahmedabad Fem’O’vita
  • testiT. N. Krishnan – Chennai DiabOvita
  • Mahesh Kalyanpur – Bengaluru Energ’O’vita
  • testiMs Aparna Ravikumar – Bangalore FemOvita
  • testiSandeep Karkhanis – Nashik Diab’O’vita
  • testiAruna Srikanth – Hyderbad Kids’O’vita
  • testiSushma Sharma – Ahmedabad Fem’O’vita